Fishing in the Scottish Borders

"Fishing in and around the Scottish Borders"

Fishing is one of Scotlands biggest pastimes and is one of the biggest grossing sports in Scotland. The borders is awash with many different types of Fishing areas and lochs providing a proving ground and heaven for the new and experienced fisherman..


Planning a Borders Fishing Trip:

Planning a fishing trip? well there really is no need to travel to Finland, Norway, or Iceland to fish for salmon. If you want to experience the best standards of hospitality and fish using traditional methods, the famous rivers of the Scottish Borders offer a much better, and much cheaper, alternative. Fishing in the Scottish Borders

The river Tweed is one of Britain's largest river systems, flowing from the Lanark hills all the way to meet the sea at Berwick in Northumberland. Where it forms the border between Scotland and England, the Scottish laws prevail on both banks and this has helped greatly to preserve the salmon stocks and ensure sporting fishing. It is the lower beats which are most famous - the Junction Pool at Kelso or the Tillmouth waters farther down regularly produce double figure catches of double figure salmon in a single day.            

Those beats are pretty well booked each year. Travel up river a bit though and the picture changes remarkably. From Peebles down to St Boswells there are countless superb stretches of water which are far prettier and much more interesting than the big pools of the lower river. Tickets are readily available throughout the season and the prices won't break the bank. Because they are of manageable width, those upper beats are also much more suitable for the amatuer fisherman but still offer a challenge for the seasoned pro.

Your hosts can organise a Ghillie who will advise guests on the best beats and can even organise tackle and instruction for beginners. Situated in St Boswell's is the Borders Gun room who can also advise the fisherman where the biggest fish in the Borders are hiding!

For the best in traditional Scottish Salmon fishing be sure to book into one of our Best of the Borders establishments.

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Alistair On The Tweed

Fishing on River Tweed

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